Serum Plus Nature's Beauty

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Make Your Face Glowing And Your Hands And Feet Bright And White With This Beauty Package.

Benefits of Serum:

  • It will make your skin clear and give you a whitening tone with a shiny glow.
  • It's a skin Lightner that gives you a whitish texture, makes your skin feel fresh and is perfect for skin brightening.
  • It works wonders in removing black and whiteheads, Freckles, sun tanning, fine lines, patches and pigmentation.
  • Lighten Your Skin
  • Add Glow And Shine
  • Clear Your Skin
  • Act As Anti-Aging
  • Reduce Open Pores

Benefits of Nature's Beauty:

1. Whiten Your Hands And Feet
2. Remove Dark Patches
3. Nourish Your Body
4. Moisturise Your Body
5. Remove Dullness Of Your Body

How To Use(Serum):

Apply tiny dots of serum all over your face at night. You can also use it before make-up to get smooth and glowing skin. Shake well before use.

How To Use(Nature's Beauty):

Take 1 tablespoon of Nature's Beauty and add plain water or milk or yoghurt according to the desired quantity. Make a mild paste and apply it to your face/neck for 15 to 20 mins. Then wash your face gently by massaging(do not rub) in circular motions. Apply four times a week.

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