Glow Kit 2.0

Rs.3,799 Rs.7,500

Night Cream Description:

100g of Organa Touch Night Cream is a complete solution for your skin. Vitamin E & B3 moisturize your skin while jojoba oil enhances your skin sebum. It does not create itchiness on the eyes and skin because it has no paraben ingredients involved.

Soap Description:

Hydra Facial Soap is 100% Natural And Organic that Will Solve All Your Skin Problems.


  • Retain natural glow
  • Lighten your body tone                         
  • Best for Acne                                 
  • Removes freckles                               
  • reduces stretch marks                               
  • Treat pigmentation                               
  • Protect from sun damage                             
  • Removes dark spots and scars
  • Removes puffiness and dark circles 
  • Improves complexion and skin tone
  • Removes black and whiteheads

How To Use(Night Cream):

Take a pearl size amount of night cream and apply it on your Face and Body. Leave it for 40 mints or Overnight and then wash your face with OrganaTouch Soap.

How To Use(Soap):

Lather In Hand. Apply To Face. Let Sits For 30 Sec Up-to 1 Minute. Rinse With Warm Water and the pet dry with a clean towel

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