Private Glow( Advanced Brightening)

Rs.1,950 Rs.3,500


Skin is naturally a bit darker on the armpits & intimate areas, but with 7 Days Underarm Advance Brightening Cream you can flaunt sleeveless outfits & beachwear without having to worry about body odor, excessive sweating, and dark skin.

Suitable For All Skin Types.

How To Use:

Apply to dark areas morning and evening. Take a small amount on your fingertips and apply to dry clean skin. The cream will turn completely clear once absorbed. No need to rinse off or wait. The cream is easy to spread and quick drying. Using more than this will not speed up results.


Best For Both Male and Female.

Package includes:

100ml bottle with full protected covering.

Important Information:

Use it at least one to two months for better results.

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